When you can’t open the door…

I remember the very first time that I ever had to get into a house as an agent. I don’t remember it because it was some magical experience and I certainly don’t remember it because it was a huge moment of triumph in my life.

What I remember is standing at a door with my phone in my hand, the eKey app up trying to connect to the SUPRA box, and the manager of my branch (Coldwell Banker Gundaker) and his assistant manager standing behind me with bated breath.

They knew that this was my first time using the SUPRA and eKey to get in. Thankfully, there were no clients with us and thankfully, they were extremely gracious as I both fumbled around on the app and then fumbled with the SUPRA box.

You’re supposed to connect your phone and the box via a blue tooth. All you have to do is push up on the box to activate it and BOOM, your phone will start connecting. That made sense when I went through the tutorial at the association. It didn’t make as much sense with two of the smartest and most experience realtors in the area waiting behind me to get into the house.

It was like trying to hit a jump shot with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant waiting in line.

I eventually got it, but not without a joke or two from my colleagues.

Young guns, listen up: If you want to make a good first impression as a Realtor, make sure you can get into a house…and make sure you figure that out before you see your client.

Because then there was that time that I actually had to meet some clients out at a property. They wanted to see some houses way out in the boonies and on my way, I realized that my eKey wasn’t updated. And there’s no service in the boonies.

Because of course…

Flash forward to me five minutes later high-tailing it down the highway, frantically speaking to my wife on the phone who was doing her best to get me the information I needed from my computer — which of course, I left at home. I needed a code to update the key and that code was harder to find that the holy grail of eternal life itself. I had to call said clients and push back that house in order to provide myself with some more time to figure out how to get in.

Pro tip: Call the listing agent. That’s exactly what I did and she was able to let us in.

When you’re an agent just starting off, everything (and I do mean everything) is a learning experience. The key is making sure that you’re learning when the clients aren’t around. Take your lumps in private, or around your co-workers, who will likely laugh at you — but they’ll remember they were once at that point as well.

And no matter what you do, make sure you can open the door.


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