Don’t use the toilet

For most Realtors this is probably a given. When you’re showing a house or property you’re in full business mode. You’ve got a client or multiple clients with you and not only are you trying to find them a home, or close the deal on a home, but you’re trying your best to demonstrate your value to them.

Any insights into the local market? Perfect time to drop it.

Do you know an unhealthy amount about cracked foundations and soil displacement/movement? Bust that info out! You’re going to look like a rockstar.

A house showing is basically the minor business meeting of the the Real Estate world. It’s not as formal as a buyer’s consultation or listing presentation and it doesn’t have the gravitas of the closing — but it’s still a major moment for both you and the clients. Especially if you’re walking through after contract.

Make sure you use the bathroom before you head out on your tour, and if you really have to make a pit stop…MAKE A PIT STOP. It’s a good practice to schedule your showings far enough apart to give you travel time, but if you have an extra needy bladder or perhaps downed a gallon of coffee before heading out, plan that extra five minutes to stop by a gas station or restaurant. Both for you, and your clients!

Believe me, you don’t want to be making your pit stops while on the job. And you certainly don’t want to end up in this situation:



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