4 small (and effective) ways to prep your home for sale

There are plenty of factors that play into the value of a home for sale on the real estate market, but don’t underestimate the power of small, cosmetic changes.

Sure, ultimately a house’s value comes down to the comparables on the market, the type of market it is selling in and the overall condition of the house, but a few small changes can go a long way towards attracting a buyer’s eye and allowing your house to stand out as a “home”, which just may help you get a leg up on the similar competition in the market nearby.

If you’re considering moving, consider these four small ways to prep your home for sale.


Curb appeal is the very first thing that plays into whether or not a buyer will ultimately be interested in your house. It’s the very first impression your house makes, so make sure it’s a good one.

If you’re selling in a higher price-range ($500,000 and up) consider investing a bit of money on having a landscaping professional come on over and at least do a consultation with you. Having professional work done certainly won’t hurt, and in terms of curb appeal to the buyer, it’s a smart investment.

Even if you don’t want to spend a ton of money, though, there’s very little price involved in making sure the grass is consistently mowed, the siding is power-washed and maybe planting a flower or two.

It can go a long way.

Paint the front door

The front door is the very first thing potential buyers interact with. It’s the gateway to your house, and it’s often times one of the highest impact factors in the first impression for a buyer.

Let’s face it, though, front doors take a beating. Whether it’s the elements or just constant use, an old front door can look worn down, uninviting and ultimately — ineffective.

If your front door is shabby, consider replacing it altogether. If not, though, sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it needs to look brand new. Go for a sleek look, and if you really want to get fancy, paint the shutters the same color as well.

Paint Neutral

Sure, you may love your “hot pink” accent wall in the bathroom or the wallpaper that makes you feel at home despite the fact that it has been around since 1979, but the fact remains that not everybody has your sense of style — so the more neutral your walls are…the better.

Light grays, beige and white are unassuming colors that serve a few purposes.

They make a room feel like a blank slate. That allows the buyer to dream and use their imagination to figure out what the room would look like with their personal touch — and that helps sell the house.

Lighter colors will also make a room look bigger

For the purposes of selling your house in 2017, let’s double down on the wallpaper point. Some wallpaper can look cool and be great as an accent. If your house is covered head to toe in old school floral wallpaper, though, that will likely present a problem.

Buyers are looking for a more modern, sleek feel. And though grandma or grandpa’s house may feel inviting and bring back nostalgia, the old wallpaper won’t bring back any buyers.


Generally, furniture is for comfort. Especially when we’re talking about couches, they’re usually in the coziest places of the room and they’re set up to be functional. In the family room, they’re normally centered around the TV or at least in places where a view of the TV is optimal. In living rooms, they’re centered around each other, making it easy to talk and socialize.

And while those ideas work well for the “livability” of a house, keep in mind that you’re trying to sell it, not live in it.

Consider re-arranging your furniture so that each room looks as big as possible. That means that for the time being, your couches and tables may not be in the most optimal positions comfort-wise, but the bigger you can make your rooms look, the better.

To that point, serious sellers should get serious about staging their house.

Most serious buyers see enough houses that it becomes rather obvious which houses are “lived in” and which are staged. Stagers are professionals at making rooms look bigger, more

attractive and appealing to buyers, so consider throwing down the money and making the investment with a stager — because it could make all the difference in getting your home sold quickly, or having it stay on the market while you comfortably wait around as the market — and buyers — pass by.

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