Smart real estate buyers don’t settle in a hot market

Buying a house can be an overwhelming task, but when push comes to shove as a buyer the one thing you need to remember is that you can’t settle.

Especially here in St. Louis in the summer of 2017, houses are flying off the shelves. The market is hot in that regard and it may be pressuring buyers into making snap decisions.

To be clear, if a client absolutely loves a house and they knew that for a fact, I would urge them to make a quick, clean, good offer in this market — especially if the house in question has only been available for a week or two.

With that said, it’s worth remembering that buying a house is a huge long-term investment for a buyer. And especially if you’re buying your primary residence, you’re going to likely have to live with this decision for a very long time.

That one dip in the floor that you said you could live with because everything else is oh so perfect? That’s fine and dandy when making the offer, but remember, you’re going to have to walk over that dip a million times between now and the time you buy your next house.

You really wanted three bedrooms but you’re settling for two because of the awesome, updated kitchen and the open floor plan downstairs? That’s great, but keep the long-term in mind as well. You may brush off settling today, but keep in mind the frustration you’ll feel all those times you have to relegate an overnight guest to the couch because you don’t have a guest room. Even worse, think of all the times you’ll have to relegate yourself to the couch, because who forces an overnight guest into the doghouse?

Remember, you’re likely looking at about five-to-ten years in any house you buy. Of course, that number can change depending on an infinite amount of factors, but the fact remains that buying a house is a long-term investment, so especially if you want to build some equity and hopefully make some money when you sell it one day — you’re going to be locked in for quite some time.

With an investment that big and important, don’t settle — even in a super fast market. Find your perfect house and make the perfect investment of both time and money.

Thinking about buying a house? Is the timing right for you? I’m a Buyer’s Specialist here in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. I’d love to sit down and meet with you. I can immediately provide you with potential options to check out and when you’re ready, I’ll connect you with a lender and will start getting you into houses to see them in person. You’ll be in your NEW HOME in NO TIME!

Interested in working with me? Call or text me at (314)-620-9014 or email

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