Win the day.


I didn’t have much time. I was running late and already feeling defeated.

Monday mornings come up fast, especially when Sunday night’s go late. Tossing and turning in bed can be a hobby of at times. When you’re a Realtor on your grind — and specifically a buyer’s agent — weekends are a thing of the past. I need an hour or two just to decompress and shut my brain off for a bit. Saturday’s are always full of showings and Sundays end up filling up with open houses, second showings and offer writings. It’s a wonderful game and I wouldn’t trade the buzz of success in real estate for the ho-hum nature of any other job. Still, when you’re going-going-gone sometimes you can end up gone for real and need a break.

That’s the long way of getting back to Sunday nights and the tossing and turning. That’s the long way of saying that I wasn’t on my game Monday morning.

I was behind.

Before I joined Keller Williams I had a bad habit of letting bad things stack up. Woke up late? Well, the whole day is screwed at that point, isn’t it? Ate too much? Well, may as well kick my diet for the rest of the week. I already screwed it up anyhow.

Things change when you join KW, though.

You join KW and get a taste of that red kool-aid and things change. You’re not just a Realtor, you become a business-person. You’re not just selling Real Estate anymore. You learn about the brain and how your mindset works.

You learn about how what you focus on expands and how when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. Haven’t heard of those concepts yet? Take BOLD and I guarantee you Dianna Kokoszka will have you drinking from that firehose in no time.

You learn about following a schedule and remaining positive through the ups and downs of the business day and week. You change, truly, as a person if you buy in — and apparently I’ve changed, because I didn’t let my slow start slow me down. I didn’t let my initial case of the Mondays ruin by day, or even my week.

I got off on the wrong foot but, hallelujah,  I quickly got both feet back on the ground and out the door. I was late, sure, but I still had time to hit the gym and get my body and mind right.

Enough time to go through my whole workout? Nah. Enough time to throw up some iron, get the blood moving and get the confidence going for a big day of selling houses, though?


By now you’re probably wondering what this story about. What’s the juice we’re squeezing here? The moral? The takeaway?

If you haven’t seen it yet…it’s simple.

Don’t let one misstep throw you off your game. Don’t let one wrong turn take your day down the wrong path

In sports, you’ll often hear coaches talk about winning “one quarter (or period) at a time”. They may come into halftime behind on the scoreboard but they know that if they win the next two quarters there’s a great chance their team will win the game. They take their focus off the first half and re-adjust in the locker room, coming out focused to take on the second half and win the game.

Any coach or team that sulks at halftime and gets stuck on the negative results of the first half won’t have any chance of moving forward to win the game.

You’ve got to have a short memory in sports, but the same can be said of business, life and especially real estate.

Have a bad call? Move on and win the next one. Couldn’t set an appointment? Move on and set two more.

Here’s the reality of the situation: You’re not going to win every situation.

Eventually the numbers catch up to you and you will take a loss or two. You will have a bad quarter, period or half. Don’t let those missteps define you, though. Don’t let those slow downs stop you from moving forward.

Don’t give up. Don’t take your eye off the prize, even if you get off to a slow start.

Break your day into four quarters. They may not all go the way you want, but if you win more of them than not, you’ll end up winning the day.

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