Why Productivity Coaching?

“In reviewing my business success in 2017, I owe a big shout out to Krista Staub and the amazing coaching program! I am convinced I would not still be in Real Estate, let alone be successful without the coaching program and Krista’s willingness to share her knowledge of this industry. Krista’s encouragement, continued support, and her example of how systems, habits, and accountability can build a business that supports the life I have always dreamed about.  Thank you to my amazing fellow Realtors in the coaching program!  It is an honor to be associated with such strong, vibrant, intelligent, courageous folks.”

— Cathy Hall, 2017 KWSW Rookie of the Year

Krista Staub has changed my life, not just my real estate business. For my money, there is not a better coach in the country. There are few people who have Krista‘s combination of empathy, genuine care, and dedication. As a Realtor in her coaching program, she will dedicate her time and energy to getting to know you as both a person and a business-person, and she’ll figure out exactly how to push and drive you towards your ultimate goals — both in life and in Real Estate. Your goals, personally and professionally, become her goals, and she’ll do whatever she can in her power to make sure that you accomplish them. When you need a push, she’ll give it to you. A shoulder to lean on and a word of encouragement to persevere through the tough times? She’s got that too. There’s not a Realtor in the world who wouldn’t benefit from even five minutes sitting down with Krista, let alone being a part of her coaching program. If you want to change your life and your business, do yourself a favor and ask Krista to be a part of that adventure.


— Andrew Kulha, Buyer Specialist / The Nations Group